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Frequently Asked Questions
Partially Updated 02/08/2003
Underconstruction, hope to finish by 2/9/03.

Nitpicks Comments
Registered Nitpickers General
What is a Nitpick?
A Nitpick is a mistake, anomaly or an unexpected small detail contained entirely within a movie or tv show. Nitpicks can not be based on the source material for the show (ie script, story or book the show is based on) or any extra sources which are specific to that show. Nitpicks should be based either on direct observation of the show or combination of observation and general/public knowledge not related to the show in question. Nitpicks can be based on discepencies between episodes in the same or related TV series or between prequel/sequel movies.
Once a Nitpick is pointed out or described to someone it should be obvious to them when viewing the show.

Nitpicks are:

  • Boom microphones showing up on screen.
  • Wires that are holding something/someone showing up on screen.
  • Holes or conflicts in the plot of the movie or tv show.
  • Scientific facts that are misquoted or just plain wrong.
  • Historical and Technological inaccuracies.
or they can be:

Basically a Nitpick is considered little details, right or wrong, which you notice within a film that would .
Of course with human nature being what it is most of the Nitpicks posted are expected to be wrong details. :-)

Nitpicks are not:

  • that the director's second cousin is playing a part in the film.
  • that the lead actors in the film did another film together.
  • that the movie was over budget, under budget, originally supposed to star someone else, or any other pure trivia.
  • proper patches on police or military uniforms.
Note: Nitpicks are not considered to be details which are necessary for the majority of the plot. IE: While real-life dragons do not exist, Draco the Dragon being alive in "Dragonheart" is NOT a valid Nitpick.
Do I have to be a registered in order to look at the Nitpicks?
Absolutely not! No way! The entire site is free for anyone and everyone to visit.
How do I submit a Nitpick?
There are two ways to submit Movie Nitpicks depending on the movie.
If the movie already has Nitpicks posted on it there will be a link at the bottom of that movie's page labelled 'Submit a new Nitpick on this Movie'. Clicking on that link will bring up the Nitpick submission form. If the movie doesnt have any Nitpicks already posted on it you can submit one for it by using the Movie Nitpick Submission form. This setup is used because of the large number of duplicate Nitpicks that were being submitted. Now users have to view the Nitpicks on the movie's page before submitting their Nitpick.

TV Nitpicks can be submitted through the TV Nitpick Submission form listed on the TV Index page on site.

    Can I just email you my Nitpicks?
    Nope, no way, no how. The site is setup to accept Nitpick submissions exclusively through the submissions forms. If you email them to me I'm just going to reply with a standard email explaining how to get to the forms. The reason for this is that submissions to the site have to go through the voting process in order to be posted to the site.

Do I have to be a Registered Nitpicker in order to submit a Nitpick?
No. Anyone can submit a Nitpick. Registration is only required if you wish the site to keep track of the Nitpicks you have submitted and credit you for the submission.
    Can I get credit for Nitpicks I submitted before I registered?
    I'm afraid the answer is no. Once a Nitpick is submitted the information on who submitted it is set in stone. I have no way of verifying who submitted anonymous Nitpicks, so there is no way of retroactively giving credit for them.
    Trust me this sucks for me too. I posted a couple of Nitpicks early on anonymously testing the site out before this came up. When it came up I didnt feel it would be right to re-credit even ones I submitted.

The Movie/TV Series I want to Nitpick isnt listed! What do I do?
FOR MOVIES: Try submitting a Nitpick through the Submission form first to make sure your movie isnt listed. Only movies which already have Nitpicks posted on them are listed on the Movie Index page. The database actually contains several thousand movies which havent been Nitpicked yet, your's might be one of them (about 80% of the title suggestions we get are for movies already in the database).
After you've checked the form and your movie definitely isnt listed use the Suggest Title form in the Nitpickers Home. (Registration is required)
FOR TV SERIES: If your series isnt already listed in the TV section send email to or post to the message board with the name of the series and I will add it as soon as I get a chance.
NOTE: I have a really tough time justifying adding some series (ie SNL, MadTV, shows filmed live, The Simpsons, cartoons, etc). So dont be surprized or upset if I decline to add a tv series. Some Nitpicking just isnt fair. (yes, I know hard to believe I said that, maybe I'll come to my senses).
How do I check on the status of my Nitpick submission?
Status can be checked a couple of different ways. If you are a Registered Nitpicker there is a link in the Nitpickers Home which will show you the status of every submission you've made to the site in the past year or so.
If you aren't a Registered Nitpicker you can check your status by using either the Movie Nitpick Status Form on the Nitpicks on Movies page or the TV Nitpick Status Form on the Nitpicks on TV Series page. In order to check the status this way you will have to remember your submission's number.
How are submissions reviewed?
Submissions are voted on by Registered Nitpickers who have at least three posted Nitpicks.
Once a Registered Nitpicker has at least three posted Nitpicks they are given a number of daily votes to use when voting on submissions.
The exact number of votes a Registered Nitpicker can have are:
# of posted Nitpicks# of Daily Votes
When reviewing submissions Registered Nitpickers, or Voters, are given a selection of positive and negative votes which they can use on the submission.
A Nitpick must have 3 more positive votes than negative ones in order to be posted.
How long does it take for a submission to be reviewed?
This is now completely dependant on when Registered Nitpickers with voting rights login in to the site and vote on your submission. It is possible that a submission can be reviewed and posted or rejected almost immediately, or it may stay in the queue for some time.
Recently the system was updated to force a post/reject decision after a submission has been in the queue for 2 weeks. At the end of that time the system will check to see if the submission has a positive score and has at least 2 positive votes for posting. If the submission meets those criteria it will be posted to the site, otherwise it will be rejected.
This system was adopted to keep submissions for sitting in the queue forever, decide on submissions by majority rule, and make sure that at least 2 Voters liked the submission.
How is voting on submissions kept fair?
A vote review process has recently been implemented in order to keep votes fair. This system will allow the reviewer to specify which votes on a submission were fair or unfair. The results from this review process are used to adjust the voting rights of Registered Nitpickers.
A current review level is tracked for every Registered Nitpicker. When a vote is determined to be 'unfair' that level has one point subtracted from it. When a vote is determined to be fair the level has one point added to it.
If the review level reaches -10 that Registered Nitpicker loses one of his/her daily votes. If the level reaches 10 a daily vote is added.
This way good voters are rewarded and bad voters will eventually lose their right to vote.

The standard used in reviewing votes for fairness is the new wording of the definition of a Nitpick.

This system of review was put in place the week of 2/3/03 and will also be used in determining a Registered Nitpicker's qualifiction to become a Master Nitpicker.


How do I submit a comment on a posted Nitpick?
In order to post a comment on a Nitpick you have to be a Registered Nitpicker. If you are registered you have two options for posting comments:
1) You can use the comments form in the Registered Nitpickers Home. There is a link to the Nitpickers Home on the main page of the site. Just follow that link, log into the Home, and click on the option for the comments form. Then all you have to do is fill out the comment form and submit it. For this option you will need to know the number of the Nitpick you want to comment on.
2) Registered Nitpickers, who are logged in, will automatically be shown a link to post a comment on a Nitpick when they are on that Nitpick's page. Clicking on that link will bring up the comment form with the Nitpick's information automatically filled in for you.


Why should I register?
Registration with this site has several advantanges:
  • All of your submissions will be credited to you.
  • You can track all of your submissions to this site from one form in the Nitpickers' Home.
  • You will be able to submit comments on posted Nitpicks.
  • You will get posting access to the Nitpicker Boards
  • You can appeal if any of your Nitpicks get marked as Refuted.
  • Once you have enough posted Nitpicks you will get voting rights.
  • Only Registered Nitpickers can become Master Nitpickers.
    How do I register?
    To register as a Nitpicker go to the Registration Form and fill into your name, your initial display option and a VALID email address.
    The system will record this information and then send a confirmation email to the address you provide. You will need to be able to receive that email and follow a link provided within it.
    Once you have received the confirmation email either click on the link (if your email client allows) or copy the link to the location field of your favorite web broswer.
    That link will bring up the confirmation portion of the registration and will allow you to specify your password. Once that is done you will be assigned a Nitpicker Number. That Number along with you password is how you can sign into the site.

    Why do you need my e-mail address?
    Valid e-mail addresses are required in order to limit multiple registrations and to provide a way of contacting users if there is a problem. No site within Brendan's Realm ever sells or distributes email addresses. The address requirement is for registration only.
    What is this site's privacy policy?
    The privacy statement for The Nitpickers Site is covered by the Terms of Use of all Brendan's Realm sites. The privacy policy for this site is specified in paragraph 4 of the TOU.
    What are the Nitpicker Boards
    The Nitpicker Boards are a series of three message boards on another Brendan's Realm site (Movie Chatter). There is a board for reporting problems and discussing Nitpicking in general (Board name: A board for making suggestions for the site (Board name: Nitpickers Suggestions). And a private board for Master Nitpickers to discuss issues relating to their duties. There is no requirement to use the boards, but reading them at the very least so is highly recommended.

    What are Master Nitpickers?
    Master Nitpickers are a group of Nitpickers who have been given access to additional functionality due to how well their voting on submissions has been rated or reviewed. The exact criteria for status as a Master Nitpicker is still being developed.
    What are their functions/duties?
  • Review suggested movie titles
  • Review duplication nomination
  • Review Refute nominations
  • Review Refute appeals
  • Vote review


    I love the site and all, but what is with these ads?
    This is not a small site. The Nitpickers Site serves over 3.5 million pages per month (8 million plus hits) per month. Advertising is used to pay for the hosting and bandwidth expenses necessary to provide this site as a service to you, the visitor.
      Ok, I understand ads, but why these #!@#$@@ popups?
      It's simple actually. Advertising rates for regular ads are extremely low and advertisers think pop-ups are the greatest thing since sliced bread. In order to be included on most ad campaigns sites have to run pop-ups of some kind.

    What if I have an idea for the site?
    All suggestions and requests should be posted to the Message Board. I make NO promises at all that any ideas posted will ever get done. I am doing my best to maintain what's here and get the TO-DO list worked on.
    Please note that any suggestions, requests, etc posted grant full rights to use that idea for the site royalty and fee free.
    What is the current TO-DO list?
    In no particular order:
    • Navigation buttons similar to Movie Nitpicks for TV Nitpicks (gotta fix a goof on the movie ones first).
    • Add functionality to mark TV Nitpicks as refuted (similar to Movie Nitpicks).
    • Add tv series and movies as always.
    • Catch up on email. I'm horrible at that, but I'm really trying to catchup on it, I swear.

    What do all these navigation links do?
    [Prev Nitpick]Takes you to the preceeding Nitpick by number.
    [Prev Movie Nitpick]Takes you to the preceeding Nitpick on the current movie.
    [FAQ]Takes you to the site's FAQ.
    [Movie Page]Returns you to the page for the movie the current Nitpick you are viewing is on.
    [Next Movie Nitpick]Takes you to the next Nitpick on this movie.
    [Next Nitpick]Takes you to the next Nitpick by number.
    [Prev Movie]Takes you to the preceeding movie title.
    [Index]Returns you to the alphabetical index the current movie was in.
    [Next Movie]Takes you to the next movie title.
  • Registered Nitpicker Login
    Registered Nitpickers: Be sure to login before submitting your nitpick in order to get credit for it.
    Nitpicker Number: OR Nickname:
    New users can register for free here.

    Forgot your password? Click here.

    Is Nitpicking TV shows like The Simpsons fair?
    This site is part of Brendan's Realm. Please feel free to check out the other sites in my Realm.
    View the site's privacy policy, or read the Terms of Use.
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