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    Nitpick Description

    Submitted by Nitpicker : dkindred
    Movie : Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - 2004
    Nitpick Category : Editing
    Nitpick Number : 70395
    Approximate time of Nitpick : Throughout the movie
    Summary : References to World War One before WWII (Refuted)
    Detail : Characters consistently referred to World War One as "World War One", before there was a second World War (this is 1939, remember?). It should have been referred to as "The Great War".




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    by Roo   Tuesday, January 22, 2008 12:29 PM

    The phrase “The First World War” was in use by 1920, indeed, Lt-Col C à Court-Repington, by September the 10th 1918 – yes, two months before the Armistice was agreed on November the 11th – had, in a diary entry, referred to the conflict as The First World War.\r\rHe commented that he had discussed the most appropriate name with a Harvard scholar, namely one Major Johnstone, and I quote: \r\r"We discussed the right name of the war. I said that we called it now The War, but that this could not last. The Napoleonic War was The Great War. To call it The German War was too much flattery for the Boche. I suggested The World War as a shade better title, and finally we mutually agreed to call it The First World War in order to prevent the millennium folk from forgetting that the history of the world was the history of war.”\r\rRepington’s book, The First World War 1914-1918 was published in 1920. \r\rOne can presume that this helped popularise the name for the war, ominously suggesting that it was the first of a series.\r\rCapt A Johnstone (Ret'd.)


    Not true history

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    by 5133   Tuesday, January 22, 2008 12:29 PM

    You also have to realize that this film is not actually depicting the real 1939. It is more of an alternate reality of 1939. For example, there never was a Hindenburg III like in the beginning of the movie. Also, no Zeppelin ever actually docked with the Empire State Building (although the building was actually equipped for such dockings). \r\rTherefore, we can assume that it is possible that the Second World War has already occurred. After all, the radio montage after the robots leave New York says that "with military resources stretched thin across the globe, world leaders must once again call upon the elite mercanary forces of Sky Captain and his army for hire". Perhaps that means that the Second World War had recently ended and world armies are thinly distributed trying to begin rebuilding?


    World War I

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    by 26930   Tuesday, January 22, 2008 12:29 PM

    The film begins in October, 1939. It is obvious that in this alternate reality, World War II is not in progress. Further, the continuing good relations between the United States and Germany - as witness the Hindenburg III - indicate that there has been no World War II. Thus the 1914-1918 conflict should be referred to as either "The Great War" or "The World War" with no "First" as modifier.\r

    \rWhile it is impressive that the first commenter was able to find an instance of someone calling the conflict "WWI" before 1939, it remains a highly exceptional case, and certainly wasn't in general usage. Given the world-wide reaction to the horrors of modern warfare, such a highly pessimistic title, implying that there would be another such catastrophe, was not used for "the War to End All War."


    No sign there HASN'T been a WWII

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    by Seanibus   Tuesday, January 22, 2008 12:29 PM

    The nit, and supporting comments, hinge on the notion that there has not been a WWII, thefore WWI wouldn't be known by that name. Clearly the WWII that we know has not happened, but remember that there is no sign that there has not been some other world war since 1918. In fact, there are some strong hints that there has been. Consider the vast military infrastructure we see - the Sky Captain's "army of mercenaries" is obviously larges and experienced. That technology and experience came from somewhere; these guys have been fighting somwehere. Then there are some explicit references to Western intervention in China, presumably against the Japanese, but that's never spelled out clearly. Such Western interference could easily have been seen as a Second World War.\r