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What do you use the Internet for most?

Email : 26.37%

Web Surfing : 54.79%

Education : 7.88%

Chatting : 10.96%

Social Media : 0%

Shopping : 0%

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  • Play Daily Fantasy
  • Portfolio Lighting

  • TV Series :

    Babylon 5

    Category :


    Delenn's Bone moves

    Episode : The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

    Disappearing Starfury

    Episode : The Fall of Night

    Helsinki Syndrome ?

    Episode : The Illusion of Truth


    Episode : And Now for a Word

    Crew visible.

    Episode : Babylon Squared

    ghosts get haircuts SPOILER!

    Episode : Day of the Dead

    Londo had lots of wives...

    Episode : Soul Mates

    Writer was a big Tolkien fan SPOILER!

    Episode : General for the Series

    The man don't know who he married!

    Episode : General for the Series

    Franklin forgot Sheridan?

    Episode : Points of Departure

    EAST end

    Episode : Comes the Inquisitor

    dates change

    Episode : The Long, Twilight Struggle

    different positions

    Episode : War Without End (2)

    Wrong medical evaluation.

    Episode : Soul Hunter

    Head position changes.

    Episode : Infection

    Ship blows prematurely.

    Episode : Signs and Portents

    Always less !

    Episode : A Distant Star

    Stephens not a very good Doc

    Episode : The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

    Batteries must be broken

    Episode : No Compromises

    Missing Declaration of principles

    Episode : The Paragon of Animals

    My little lost Narn

    Episode : Midnight on the Firing Line

    Morphing ship

    Episode : No Compromises

    Changeling net

    Episode : The Gathering

    Another disappearing smudge

    Episode : A View from the Gallery

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