What do you use the Internet for most?

Email : 26.37%

Web Surfing : 54.79%

Education : 7.88%

Chating : 10.96%

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Quick time change

Episode : A New World

Rain puddle

Episode : Five by Five (1)

Vampire’s breath

Episode : The Prodigal


Episode : Judgement

Angel has ID

Episode : Judgement

Angel's Threat

Episode : Benediction

The car

Episode : A New World

blood in the fridge

Episode : Lonely Hearts

angel's picture

Episode : Sanctuary (2)

Bringing Darla Back??

Episode : To Shansu in L.A.

Vocah's mask

Episode : To Shansu in L.A.

Cordelia's Necklace

Episode : Heartthrob

Fred's Glasses

Episode : Heartthrob

What irks me about the pig's blood...

Episode : General for Series

Quick drying robe

Episode : Expecting

Cut switches sides

Episode : Dad

True Happiness

Episode : General for Season 3

Angel's reflection

Episode : Disharmony


Episode : To Shansu in L.A.

What did you call the sub?

Episode : General for Season 5


Episode : Belonging

Wounds changing positions.

Episode : The Ring

Over the shoulder

Episode : Through the Looking Glass (2)


Episode : The Thin Dead Line

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