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What do you use the Internet for most?

Email : 26.37%

Web Surfing : 54.79%

Education : 7.88%

Chatting : 10.96%

Social Media : 0%

Shopping : 0%

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  • Portfolio Lighting

  • TV Series :

    Gilmore Girls

    Category :


    Rory's age

    Episode : General for Season 1

    DSL installers on private property

    Episode : The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton

    Dead or Not

    Episode : General for Season 1

    getting in the house

    Episode : General for the Series

    the days

    Episode : P.S. I Lo...


    Episode : P.S. I Lo...

    Lorelai's room at her parents' house...

    Episode : General for the Series

    the people behind lorelai

    Episode : Cinnamon's Wake

    Jim Dunning

    Episode : Love, Daisies and Troubadours

    joe the pizza guy

    Episode : P.S. I Lo...

    the indian food

    Episode : P.S. I Lo...

    he is home on friday

    Episode : Help Wanted

    the clock

    Episode : The Breakup, Part 2

    the picture

    Episode : Rory's Birthday Parties

    Lorelai's favorite band

    Episode : Lorelai's Graduation Day

    kirk has a memory problem?

    Episode : Cinnamon's Wake

    wrong day

    Episode : Hammers And Veils

    Too many eggs on Jess's car

    Episode : Take the Deviled Eggs...

    Rory's sno-cone changes color

    Episode : That'll Do, Pig

    Dean's salad opens magically

    Episode : That Damn Donna Reed

    Red cups become blue cups

    Episode : Red Light on the Wedding Night

    Coming out dress changes

    Episode : Dear Emily and Richard

    Changing spa appointments

    Episode : There's the Rub

    Paris name writing time

    Episode : The Big One

    Lorelai's book moves

    Episode : The Deer Hunters

    Luke takes off his coat twice

    Episode : The Bracebridge Dinner

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